iGaging No. 34-S06  6” Engineer’s  Square
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iGaging No. 34-S06 6” Engineer’s Square

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iGaging No. 34-S06  6” Engineer’s  Square


This 6” Engineer's Square is great for machine setup and project layout. It’s made from precision ground and hardened carbon tool steel, and guaranteed to be within .001" flat and parallel. You'll use this square to setup your table saw, planer, jointer and many other machines in your shop, as well as marking and layout of your projects. This square comes with a custom case, and the blade is without graduations. Great for woodworking or machinist


  • Includes 6" square (Beam is 4")
  • Made of finest hardened steel
  • Designed for precision layout and measurement work
  • Squares are true right angles both inside & outside
  • Beams and blades are ground and lapped for parallelism
  • Length of blade is measured from corner edge of beam to end of blades
  • Protective case included!


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