G-O-N Downspout Nozzle
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Rectorseal No. 82706 G-O-N: Glue On Nozzle 4-Inch, Nickel Brass

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Rectorseal No.82706 G-O-N Glue On Nozzle 4-Inch, Nickel Brass


The G-O-N nozzle is made of cast nickel brass construction with bonded, threaded and sealed PVC insert allowing nozzle to glue directly onto PVC pipe. Escutcheon is cast nickel brass with security ring.

Escutcheon is installed prior to nozzle thereby inhibiting theft or loss of escutcheon.


  • Use G-O-N for easier installation of wall drainage

  • PVC insert allows quick gluing

  • Nickel Brass finish provides professional appearance

  • One step process eliminates the need for addition site work to coordinate with masonry or stucco crew


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