Midwest MWT-S1  3-Inch Straight Hand Seamer
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Midwest MWT-S1 3-Inch Straight Hand Seamer

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Midwest MWT-S1  3-Inch Straight Hand Seamer  



The seamer blades are 3″ long by 1-1/4″ wide with a 1-7/16″ throat depth. Blades are forged. Kush’n power grips comfort users hands and reduces fatigue. Made in the USA.


  • 3"(76.2mm) x 1-1/4"(31.8mm) blades with 1-7/16"(36.5mm) throat depth

  • Folds or bends aluminum and lightweight sheet material such as fascia, chimney flashing and similar materials

  • Drop forged blade bracket is strong and durable to withstand heavy use

  • New KUSH'N-POWER grip features a dynamic contour finger stop, soft touch and non-slip ribs

  • Compound Leverage Handle Action Requires less hand force


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