Freund Replaceable Blade Slate Ripper

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Freund Replicable Blade Slate Ripper

Slate Ripper is used for removing broken slate and pulling nails from composition shingles/wood shakes on reroofing. The ripper has a thin blade with a hooked end which is slipped underneath the broken slate, and hooked around the nails. Pound the handle to pull the old nails out and remove the broken slate. A new slate is held in place by using a slate hook. Blade Length: 24”


  • A one piece forged handle provides years of use and is superior to a welded construction ripper.
  • A spring tempered, thin stainless steel blade makes sliding under slate for repairs easy, without breaking adjoining slates.
  • The re-enforced handle will withstand a beating over its lifetime. 
  • The tool is equally useful on tile shingles and cedar shake. 
  • OAL 29”
  • Blade is easily replaced by means of two special screws
  • Including assembly wrench for quick change of the blade
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