Freund No. 01710400 Hammer
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Freund No. 1678080 Tinner's PVC Hammer ( Mallet )

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Freund No. 01678080 28 oz. Tinner's PVC Hammer ( Mallet )

Freund PVC Mallets feature quality German craftsmanship. Designed for superior durability, the high density PVC head won't fracture or delaminate, and resists wear from impact and abrasion. The mallet is also resistant to acid and alkalis, for use in a variety of environments. The plastic face and sturdy hardwood handle allow firm strikes without damaging the work piece. Well suited for a variety of applications, including sheet metal, leather work, and artisan crafts.

  • PVC mallet protects work piece while hammering

  • High density PVC head resists impact and abrasion

  • Durable head won't fracture or delaminate

  • Highly resistant to acids and alkalis

  • Handle is crafted from superior quality hardwood

  • Great for a variety of applications, including sheet metal, leather work and artisan crafts

    Always use eye protection when using striking tools


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