Freund No. 01090022 Hand Seamers 45° Bend x 7/8"

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Freund No. 01090022 Hand Seamers 45° x 7/8"

Freund Hand Seamers,( Clinching Pliers ) with forged steel jaws, are the premier choice for bending, folding, flattening and straightening, sheet metal edges or safely gripping and moving sheet metal around the job site.  These seamers are 7/8” wide, with a working depth up to 1-1/8”. Easily bend flanges or completely flatten seams. Great for sign shops or other precision sheet metal work.

 *45° Bent Handles

* Lap Joint

* Precoated Handles

*Jaw Width: 7/8";  Depth of Insertion: 1-1/8"


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