ConcreteCalc Pro  Model  4225
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ConcreteCalc Pro Model 4225

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Advanced Yard, Feet-Inch-Fraction Concrete Construction-Math Calculator

The easy-to-use ConcreteCalc Pro helps reduce material waste, improve design accuracy and cut estimating time. Increase efficiency in the field or in the office with fast, accurate solutions for Square-ups, Loads, Area, Volume, Rebar, Drop, Stairs and much more.

It helps you:

  • Work in Yards, Feet-Inch-Fractions
  • Calculate Area, Volume and Weight per Volume
  • Automatic Square-ups and Drops
  • Rebar solutions for total Linear Feet and Weight per size
  • Complete Stair Layouts; set Riser Height and Tread Width
  • Equal Sided Polygons
  • Circular Solutions: Circumference, Arc, Cone, Column and More!

For Concrete, Masonry and Paving Professionals

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