CS Osborne No.250 Leather & Canvas Stretching Pliers
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CS Osborne No.250 Leather & Canvas Stretching Pliers

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CS Osborne No.250 Leather & Canvas Stretching Pliers


These pliers, are excellent for stretching webbing, leather, vinyl, or canvas, are made with the hammer jaw design, this allows  the hammer to acts as a lever if a strong pull is required, or the tool can be used as a straight hammer. When properly cared for, this tool will last for generations.


Also Great For Artists


Canvas Pliers are used to aid in the stretching of canvas on to stretcher bars. The pliers allow the artists to maintain a secure hold on the canvas and provide leverage against the stretcher bar for a tight stretch. Canvas pliers are a good idea for artists who will be stretching the canvas by themselves and for artists stretching larger canvases


  • Quality backed by Osborne, the leading manufacturer of upholstery tools since 1826
  • Heavy duty
  • Dual design: hammer and jaw gripper
  • Made of Tool Steel
  • Fully nickel plated with vinyl handles
  • Mated rounded teeth for secure, no-slip gripping on webbing, leather or canvas
  • Superior quality
  • Pliers are 8¾" long
  • Jaw width is 3½"
  • Tool weighs 1 lb, 2 ounces
  •  Excellent tool for stretching canvas and webbing.



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